Holfuy Weather Report API V2.1


s: station(s) ID e.g. s=101 or you can get the data from more stations by one query as well (coma separated list) e.g. s=101,102,103
pw: password
m:mode XML or CSV or JSON default: CSV
avg:averaging "0": newest data from the station, "1" newest quarter hourly average, "2" newest hourly average (default = 0)
su: wind speed unit: knots, km/h, m/s default: m/s
tu: temperature unit C:Celsius , F: Fahrenheit default: Celsius
utc: add this parameters to the URL for timestamps in UTC.
Data: DateTime: time of the last data / average in CET (Central European Time) or in UTC if utc param is set.

JSON: http://api.holfuy.com/live/?s=101&pw=pass&m=JSON&tu=C&su=m/s (Check the source file at your browser for this output)
CSV: http://api.holfuy.com/live/?s=101&pw=pass&m=CSV&tu=C&su=km/h
Output: ID,name,date,time,speed,gust,speed unit, direction, temp, temp unit[, humidity (%)[,pressure (hPa, standard)[,rain (mm)[,2nd Temperature sensor]]]]
XML: http://api.holfuy.com/live/?s=101&pw=pass&m=XML&tu=C&su=m/s (Check the source file at your browser for this output)