Holfuy History API V1.7 for archive weather data access

- s: the station ID e.g.: 102
- cnt (optional): defines the number of the archive data rows which should be reported e.g.:100 (the max is 500, for averages: 100)
- mback (optional): defines the last X minutes from now from which the archive data should be reported (the max is 500)
- pw: password for the API access (it could be sent by a POST "pw" parameter also)
- su (optional): wind speed unit: knots, km/h, m/s, mph, default: km/h
- tu (optional): temperature unit: 'C' (Celsius) or 'F' (Fahrenheit), default: C
- batt (optional): add this parameter to get the station's battery voltage also in the data rows.
- type (optional):
  1. pure data (default)
  2. 15min averages
  3. 1hour averages
- start_date (optional): YYYY-MM-DD, start date (in UTC) for the archive data query. If you give this parameter then the 'cnt'/'mback' parameters will be ignored and 'type' will be 2.
- stop_date (optional): YYYY-MM-DD, stop date (in UTC) for the archive data query. When 'stop_date' is not defined but 'start_date' yes, then the data from the defined single day will be reported in 'type' 0.
- utc: add this parameter to the URL for timestamps in UTC, otherwise times will be in CE(S)T
- m (optional):output's format, available CSV or JSON default: JSON

- dateTime: Timestamp of the data / average in CE(S)T (or in UTC in UTC mode)
- speed,gust,min: Wind average, gust and minimum wind speed, in user defined "speedUnit".
- direction: Wind direction in deg.
- temperature: Air temperature in user defined "tempUnit".
- humidity: relative humidity in %.
- pressure: absolute air pressure in hPa.
- rain: rainfall in mm during the reported interval.
- solar: solar radiation in W/m^2.
- 2nd_temp: secondary temperature in user defined "tempUnit".
- soil_moisture: soil moisture in %.
- battery: battery level in V.

sample link: http://api.holfuy.com/archive/?s=101&cnt=10&type=0

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